The New Inn: The Seven Deadly Sins 3/7: Steak through the heart: Lust

I couldn’t actually go to the New Inn last Monday for this Brumderland event and it was called Steak through the Heart! This buffet Slayer was sad, but when one Slayer is hindered, another must take his or her place.

Caroline Bletso offered to eat food and drink drinks for me. Here’s Caroline’s blog post:

The New Inn: The Seven Deadly Sins 3/7: Steak through the heart: Lust

New manager Paul is very enthusiastically telling us about the New Inn‘s new menu.

A small group of us have turned up on a rainy winters night to warm our feet by one of the venue’s log fires, and our hands on one of the New Inn’s ‘hot-tails’. I’m not quite convinced by the name, but the steaming martini glass makes a sophisticated change to mulled cider or wine. The Hotini (again…) is a vodka based drink flavoured with vanilla, ginger and Rekordlig cider.


I’m a Somerset girl, where scrumpy ciders are king, but I admit I’d still (very) happily drink a couple of those on a cold evening. Or the Hot Apple Pie, poured from a teapot and served with ginger biscuits (amazing when dipped).

American apple pie hot cocktail

Paul explains that his aim is to create a cosy, calming sanctuary away from the bustle of Christmas markets and frankly I’m sold. I didn’t really want to go to the market anyway so I’ll probably spend winter next to the fire working my way through the hot-tail menu and chatting to the rabbit shaped lamps instead.

But you can’t just drink (well, you probably shouldn’t), so handily the New Inn has launched a new menu too. It still does steak, so don’t worry about that, but Paul also takes us through a few of the dishes on offer. Although the New Inn is really a pub, the food is all absolutely restaurant quality without a doubt, and a step up from at-home comfort food.

Pulled pork quail scotch eggs chicken liver parfait grilled fillet of seabsss small
Pulled pork quail scotch eggs chicken liver parfait grilled fillet of seabsss

The Pulled Pork and Quail Scotch Egg starter is a great twist on the classic, soft and well flavoured. It would be equally difficult not to pick the chicken liver parfait though, a classic and very very tasty starter.

For the mains I was impressed by the Salmon Wellington and the Game Pie, but mostly taken by the delicious pork collar. Served with sausage and pickled beetroot, and so tender with no hint of fat.

Vegetarians are not forgotten, with several options on the menu, including the beautifully Spicy Butternut Squash Curry with flatbread and rice.

Roasted butternut squash and spinach balti
Roasted butternut squash and spinach balti

I’ll make an aside here to say that pie is a big focus for the New Inn at the moment with pie night every Tuesday (veggie option included). PLUS (I hope you hear it here first) it’s the loyalty card day- Bitters & Twisted cardholders can get 20% off food every Tuesday which includes the pie offer!

So for atmosphere, sophistication and top notch comfort food, I heartily recommend making a stop at the New Inn for food, dram or both.

And no doubt I’ll see you there!

American apple pie again
Guest Blogger Caroline enjoys an Apple pie hot cocktail (Hot-Tail)

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Caroline visited The New Inn with Brumderland as part of their Seven Deadly Sins events. Food and drinks were given for free and she said she would write honestly about her views of the event and venue.